How to make your own backcloth:



Visual Journals download
History of Paste paper - link
How to make Paste paper - link
Vocabulary cards for Bookbinding- download
Altered book how-to's - link

 Drawing and Painting


Dirt Drawing - download

Making art materials from basic elements - link

Official Lascaux site- cave art - link
Pastels and glue pictures  - lesson plan link
Plexiglas etching - drypoint - link
Instructions for 3-D mounting Board- download
These are called Agamographs!  here's one -- link
Resource for collage techniques - book
Line drawings on CDs - link

Collaborative Painting projects:

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Stairway to Heaven Mosaic Stair Project in San Fransisco - link
Mosaic History - download (PDF file) - link to PPT
Methods of mosaic (direct, indirect, double direct) - website
Grouting tutorial - website
Powerpoint of tools for mosaics

3-D : Sculpture, Ceramics


Paper Mache monsters
- website
Great Paper Mache website with recipes, how-tos - website
Paper Mache Bowls - images of different surface techniques
Plaster Casting with Fabric - Lesson Plan
Casting in Sand - link
sculpture using hosiery - link
Cooler ways to finish the above sculptures! - link
Joseph Cornell Powerpoint - download
Reliquaries from the Romanesque era - powerpoint download
Jane Wynn shrines  - link
Powerpoint on Altoid Shrines and Assemblage Shrines

Pyramid pop up picture and how-to

Jewelry, Textiles, Photo


Casting Pewter - Powerpoint
Handout for designs for cast pewter

Weaving baskets with paper - using cereal boxes - from newspapers -link
Weaving candy wrappers and chip wrappers into bags - link
Ojo de Dios - "Eye of God" - link

Cyanotpye - "sun prints" or "blueprints" - link
Book on Cyanotypes- part one
Book on Cyanotypes - part two

Dye resist with Elmer's Gel Glue                                               Great Black and White vintage clip art
Friendship bracelets - here

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